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Scientists Say the Next Pandemic Will Likely Come From Mosquitoes, But One High School Science Teacher is Fighting Back With His New Invention...

“If I can make it less likely that another pandemic will happen in the U.S., I'll consider it a life well lived.”

BBC - The new intruder is the Aedes Vittatus mosquito, which has shown up in North America even though it's native to India, and it can carry the most dangerous mosquito-borne diseases.

Being in close contact with these mosquitoes is not good news. They’re breeding in your bird bath and they’re feeding off your kids," said a researcher from Walter Reed in Washington D.C. when interviewed.

For Paul Lambert, his invention was more than just a way to get rid of pesky mosquitoes, it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Traumatized by swarms of mosquitoes at a young age when his family lived by a lake, it was his childhood dream to one day come up with a solution.

Paul had slowly forgotten about those dreams over the years, but when one of his students came down with a mosquito-borne virus that quickly spread through the school, it was the catalyst he needed to take action and prevent another outbreak.

"I was reading all of these studies coming out showing new species of mosquitoes showing up in the U.S. and it was concerning, but when our students started getting sick, I knew I had to do something."

Across the U.S., us humans unknowingly provide the perfect habitats for mosquitoes right in our neighborhoods. Many things in your yard might create standing water like bird baths, rain gutters, poorly draining patios, and nearby retention ponds.

The Perfect Storm for the Next Pandemic...

On top of providing breeding habitat for these pesky insects, we are also their best source of food. Wild animals have had their populations lowered and spread out as people have expanded and modernized North America, so our human blood is now a mosquito's primary food source. When mosquitoes hop from human to human, it can spread disease extremely quickly.

Seeing the threat of mosquito-borne viruses, and witnessing his students get sick, Paul set out to find his old drawing plans for a mosquito eliminator he made in college. He studied Biology and for a project his senior year, he created a prototype of the mosquito eliminating device he dreamed of as a child.

After a few hours of digging through old papers, he found it! Paul immediately called his closest friend from college, Jerry, who was now and engineer, and combining their knowledge, they set out to bring Paul's mosquito free dream to life.

After weeks of hard work in Paul's workshop, they had a finished project.

Combining Paul's knowledge of Biology and how to kill mosquitoes without using harmful chemicals or annoying smells like Citronella, and Jerry's Engineering and Design experience, they created what might be the safest and most effective mosquito killing device yet!

They dubbed it, Buzz B-Gone!

Putting Buzz B-Gone to the Test...

That night, Paul and Jerry sat in Paul's backyard having a couple beers to celebrate having a finished model that they hoped would be successful.

Since Buzz B-Gone uses no chemicals, they put it right in between them as they sipped their beers and chatted. This was the first time since first moving in that Paul had actually gotten to enjoy his nice backyard, because the mosquitoes are normally so bad.

The two finished their beers while watching mosquito after mosquito fly towards the Buzz B-Gone lights instead of their arms. As they picked up to go inside, like typical scientists, they decided to count the dead mosquitoes in the Buzz B-Gone's tray.


"That's how many mosquitoes we had in the Buzz B-Gone that would have otherwise been targeting us. I'm so excited I get to use my nice backyard space again!”

With Paul's dream realized and his invention working perfectly, it was time to do some real good. Jerry help get manufacturing setup through his engineering company, and in 2 weeks they had the first 100 models.

With those first hundred models, Paul handed them out to students at his school for them to take home for free. Mosquioes are amazingly annoying in general, and with the threat of mosquito-borne illness becoming more and more relevant, the families and the whole community in general received the gift of immense peace-of-mind.

Many parents wrote Paul letters of thanks, sent him gifts, and the students threw him a big party on the last day of school. He was their hero. So many people we're now able to use their patios and backyards again bite free, while feeling much more safe from those nasty blood suckers!

What Does Paul's Story Mean for All of Us?

Threats of mosquitoe-borne viruses come to the U.S. often, you may remember West Nile, and more recently Zika and Chikungunya, all diseases brought from overseas by mosquitoes. The researchers from Walther Reed Hosptial we mentioned earlier are predicting that these threats are going to become more and more common with increased global travel and warmer summers.

Because of these increasing threats, Jerry wanted to help Paul scale up the prodcution of Buzz B-Gone and help get a Buzz B-Gone to everyone in the U.S. that could use some relief from annoying and disease carrying mosquitoes.

Together, they launched a website to sell Buzz B-Gone across the U.S., and every summer they run a special 50% sale, so that everyone that wants relief from nasty mosquitoes can easily get a Buzz B-Gone too.

Putting it to the Test...

Buzz B-Gone has been dubbed the number one camping accessory of the year for obvious reasons, but from Paul's story we can see how it's much more useful everyday.

To test Buzz B-Gone out for ourselves to see if it lived up to the hype, we got one for the office, and gave a few to our interns to test at home.

At the office we have a patio where everyone loves to eat lunch in the winter, but now that it's summer, the mosquitoes and no-see-ums make it unusable. We hung our Buzz B-Gone right in the middle and asked everyone to come out for lunch.

Honestly, it just work instantly. Buzz B-Gone has a light and emits small vibrations that humans can't even detect, but that very effectively attract mosquitoes. They went straight towards the Buzz B-Gone and left us alone.

We had tried Citronella before but everyone hated the smell and always complained. That Citronella smell is overpowering and gives many people headaches, but it's especially annoying when you're eating!

We also gave a Buzz B-Gone to our intern Ben. He has an awesome backyard but we never have parties there because of bugs. Here's what he had to say:

"My backyard is an awesome hangout spot, but everyone always complains about getting attacked by mosquitoes, and we end up moving inside right away. I put the Buzz B-Gone right in the middle of my yard, at the edge of the patio."

"That day, we had a few people over for game night and after about 5 minutes after turning on the Buzz B-Gone, not one person complained or got bit. We had an awesome night looking at the stars and making a fire! I wish I would've had something like this when we moved in years ago."

All in all, Buzz B-Gone has been proven effective and has so many uses around the house, traveling and camping, and keeping disease ridden mosquitoes away from you. So....

Conclusion: Is it Worth it?

Absolutely, Yes.

This summer is predicted to be hotter than normal which means more mosquitoes, and they'll be here later into the fall. Buzz B-Gone is satisfaction guaranteed to keep the mosquitoes off you indoors or out.

If you left the door open to your house and pesky mosquitoes got inside, turn on the Buzz B-Gone for a few minutes and they're gone, giving you a better nights sleep.

Everyone that we've had test it says they'd pay hundreds of dollars to be mosquito free the way the Buzz B-Gone allows you to be, and are then shocked to find out you can get it for $59 or less(with the 50% summer discount exclusive to our readers).

It's time to enjoy your summer mosquito free!

How Do I Get A Real Buzz B-Gone?

No knockoffs please, the real thing is essential! Don't get stuck with some ancient prototype that uses harmful chemicals after Buzz B-Gone sells out with their summer sale!

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